Lobbyist Talk with Ron Pierce

Opening up the show today was Ron Pierce, President of RSA Consulting Group, LLC. Ron has extensive experience in the Florida Legislature were he worked in 1998 as a District Legislative Assistant in the State House, and in 2000, joined Senator Tom Lee’s team including a role as Policy Advisor from 2004 to 2006. Today, Ron has taken his skills in community service, public relations and communications and serves as a lobbyist to a number of area businesses including the Tampa Bay Lightning, Pepin Distribution Company, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Moffitt Cancer Center just to name a few. His firm is a general lobbying firm and serves companies and organizations of all interests.

Ron shares some of what it is like to work at the State Capital in Tallahassee and also dispels some of the rhetoric that the government is highly partisan, sharing with us that the government is more in sync than what its constituents believe. Due in large part to 24 hour media cycles, we often do not hear of the cohesiveness, just the partisan politics because that is what draws ratings. Ron also stressed that business leaders need to get involved in their local Chambers of Commerce to ensure their interests are heard and met up in Tallahassee. Learn more about Ron and his company at http://www.rsaconsultingllc.com and Ron can be reached at 813-777-5578 or ron@rsaconsultingllc.com if your business or organization is in need of representation!